Dream like a teen

Love dream be a teen

thug life? more like hug life. come here

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advantages of being a boy:

  • your boobs don’t get in the way
  • no period
  • your hormones don’t make you feel like a different person every week
  • no childbirth
  • penises are fun
  • shirts always fit over your chest 
  • you can walk around topless in summer without being arrested for it
  • you store less fat

advantages of being a girl:

  • can use your bra as an extra pocket
  • which you need because the pockets on your pants are fake

-you can compliment people
-you get compliments

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Disney Movies with Dark Origins →


You’ve seen the movies, but the original stories are unbelievable! Pinnocchio was sentenced to death and Mulan was a concubine?!


I can’t tell if the one about Pinocchio being a murderer is true or not.

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